Meet Our Team

The CEM foundation was founded by Charles E. Miller in April 2021 with a mission to champion people, in particular children, who have seemingly been left behind. We have a special focus on youth sports and strive to give opportunities and experiences to underserved children who would otherwise not have access. To keep up with all the foundation is doing, follow us on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Our hope is that you will be moved to champion causes in your own circle of influence.

Charles “Chuck” Miller knew from a young age that one day he would want to establish his own foundation, and he credits his mother for showing him early on the value of giving to those less fortunate. He reminisces that, “For as long as I can remember when I was a child, for Christmas we would do a lot for people. We’d cook all day and bring food to a family and get them presents. I remember the joy on their faces.” He says that battles with alcohol and drugs, stemming from losing both parents early in life are what delayed his success and ultimately the dream of the foundation.

A combination of deep self-reflection, therapy and family-support has led to over 14 years of being sober, and his business and personal life has thrived since then. “Now I’m finally in a position to do what I’ve wanted to do forever,” Miller says. “I’ve done well and as a company we have made a lot of money, but nothing is as fulfilling to me than creating this foundation.” Miller says that the happiest times of his life was when he was a kid playing sports, and because it teaches so many life lessons he knew the foundation would be a big supporter of youth sports programming. He also coached travel baseball for over a decade in his spare time.

“You learn so many valuable things,” he says, “like being on time and being a team player. You learn how to both win and lose and how to hold yourself accountable. There’s so much good discipline there for kids. And you never know what may happen to a kid who plays sports. He or she may never be a professional athlete, but that structure will definitely flow into the rest of their lives. Some of our greatest citizens have been athletes.”

Sports has always been a large part of Joshua Woods’ life. Growing up as multi-sport athlete in high school, he combined his love for sports and writing and became the Editor-In-Chief and Sports Editor for his high school newspaper. He also wrote articles for multiple local newspapers including the Florida Times Union and Clay County Leader. A 2011 graduate of the University of North Florida, Mr. Woods went on to major in Communications and minor in Sport Management.

After several successful internships, including stints with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Atlanta Braves, Mr. Woods went on to spend nearly ten years working in a variety of roles within professional sports with the Washington Wizards, Washington Capitals, PGA TOUR and Jacksonville Jaguars, before helping to launch the CEM Foundation and serve as the Director of Community Outreach and Impact.

In his role, Mr. Woods is responsible for cultivating relationships within the community, and deciding on which causes and organizations to invest in and support financially. He has a love for how sports can be used to uplift and bring different types of people together. “I’ve always been enamored with the Olympic ideals of sports, and how it can be used to unite people who otherwise would have very little in common,” Woods says.

In his personal life, he enjoys a good book, traveling, bowling and spending time with his family. He has been married to his wife Christina for eleven years and together they have two sons, Josiah (4) and Justus (1).

Omar Green is a Jacksonville native who has a passion for reaching young people with his unique story of tragedy and triumph. He graduated from Fletcher High School and has always dreamed of giving back to the city and community he loves.

Omar’s life took an unexpected turn when he became a teenage father. At just fifteen years old, Omar was faced with the daunting task of raising two children while still trying to navigate his teenage life. The responsibility was overwhelming, and he often felt like he was in over his head. But while attending Alabama State University on a track & field scholarship, he decided to forgo his dreams to come home and help raise his children, because in his family that was the right and honorable thing to do. His parents have been married for over 42 years and he is the youngest of their three children. His circle provided an anchor of stability that ultimately was the launching pad for him to overcome the statistics of teenage parents.

In spite of the challenges he faced, Omar was determined to be a good father and provide for his children. As he watched them grow and thrive, he found the strength to persevere. He worked long hours at multiple jobs between 2003 and 2014 including stints with Bank of America and as the general manager of a UHaul. Between 2015 to 2018, Omar created a successful exterior cleaning service in Atlanta, hired five employees and grossed over $150,000 min annual sales. He simultaneously worked as a FedEx driver as he was getting his company off the ground.

Tragedy struck when in 2018 his wife and mother of four of his seven children passed away from cancer. He moved back to Jacksonville to be closer to his family support system. The loss was devastating, and Omar was left heartbroken and unsure of how to move forward. He experienced prolonged bouts with depression, but was able to collect the pieces and move forward, because according to him, his kids deserved the best version of himself.

Despite the unimaginable pain, and despite the thought of letting his grief consume him, Omar channeled his energy into helping others. He dedicated his life to assisting his community and the children in his sphere of influence. He began searching for work that was more about his passion and purpose in life. Omar started out working security for two years with Duval County Public schools. After two short years he was hired as a case manager with Communities in Schools and managed a caseload of 120 kids annually. In this role he provided counseling, home visits, enrichment programs, group mentoring and referral services.

He loved being involved in his hometown community and working with young people who were facing similar struggles to his own childhood and teenage years. He shared his story with them, offering hope and encouragement to those who needed it most. He also began coaching Middle School track, football, basketball and swimming, as well as High School track and field. While doing this work, he saw a void in the sport he loved most, which was travel track and field. There had never been a youth track team representing the Tril-city area of Jacksonville. This led him to start his own non-profit 501c3 organization, CUCO Track Club in 2019. In four short years the club has grown from 2 kids to 70 involved in the program. He has worked tirelessly to build his organization, often sacrificing his own time and resources to make a difference in the lives of others.

The CEM Foundation spent time watching Omar and his leadership style and his character on
display, as well as the cohesion between him, the children, and their parents. After nearly 18 months of watching from a distance, an offer was extended to Omar to become involved in overseeing youth sport operations.

Today, Omar is a respected leader in his community, admired for his dedication to helping others and his unwavering commitment to making the world a better place one child at a time. Despite the hardships he has faced, he remains optimistic and hopeful, serving as a role model for young people everywhere.